The Features Of Choi Pens

What Is Choi Pens?

The latest technology in hair transplantation and density operations. The Choi Implanter is a pen-like instrument with a 0.5-1.5mm hollow needle on one of its ends. After loading extracted hair grafts into the hollow needle end, the surgeon uses the pen to implant the pre-loaded grafts into the scalp.

The Uses Of Choi Pens:

Choi pens are used for hair transplantation and the exclusive hair density operations at Clinicexpert hospital. This technique has proven to be a more success compared to other traditional hand-held techniques.Choi pens are the main technique for the beard and mustache operations ,and the eyebrow transplants for women,that for the high density and ensure the safety of the transplanted areas.

The Length Of The Procedure:

Usually, this procedure takes two sesions in two days, and each session requires 6-7 hours depending on the number of grafts that afreed upon, as the maximum number of grafts that could be planted are 2500-3000 graft.

Painless Procedure:

At Clinicexpert hospital, we use sedation technique in anesthesia before performing local anesthesia for the head area, so there is no pain at all during the procedure.

The Hair Density Operations Using Choi Pens:

The choi pens is the only used technique in hair density operations because of the ability of choi pens to grow the new grafts next to the original hair without causing any harm to it.

Main Features Of Choi Pens:

  • Amazing density ratio 200 graft/cm2
  • The protection of the grafts from any damage
  • No cracks, scars or bleeding
  • Faster healing time
  • No need to shave hair during transplantation unlike other techniques
  • Preservation of higher graft survival rate by placing them in the hypothermosol solution

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