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FUE method in Hair Transplantation is the transferring operation of follicules from the donor area which is located in nape and above ear parts of the head and typically doesn’t subject to loss for a lifetime? without cutting the scalp and only under local anesthesia? removing one by one with very thin and special injection and punch tips smaller than 1 mm with microscopic spectacles into the completely hairless area or the area to be condensated.

  • High hair volumes can be reached as follicles are taken not only from the area between the two ears? but also from the area above ears (all above nape). (8.000 – 15.000 hair strands in 1 session)
  • As intake operation is made by 0.7 – 0.8 mm tips and no scalpel is used? the healing of the area where the hair is taken is very quick. Your hair becomes completely normal within 7 – 10 days and you can turn back to your business and social life.
  • There’s no pain? scar and stress as there’s no surgical procedure.
  • As no stitches are used in this method? you don’t need to carry the stitches for 15 days and then go to a medical institution to have them removed
1st Stage: Preparation for the Operation

It takes about 1 hour. Photo shooting? determination of the area to be transplanted and plotting? haircut (your hair is cut as to be shorter than 1 mm) and local anesthesia of the area where your hair is to be taken.


2nd Stage: Intake of Your Follicles

It takes about 3 hours. Follicles are taken from the anesthetised donor area at certain intervals not to create rareness. Intake is made by 0?7 – 0?8 mm tips with the help of micromotor. Your follicles are collected and soaked in a special solution in +4 – +10 C temperature.


3rd Stage: Opening the Canals

It takes about 1 – 1?5 hours. It is made with the help of special canal openers prepared according to the thickness and depth of your follicles following the anesthetization of the area to be transplanted. Canal opening procedure is cruces of hair transplantation. Naturality is achieved if this procedure is made in proper angle and directions.


4th Stage: Implantation of Your Follicles into the Opened Canals

It takes about 3 hours. In other words? operations may take about 6 – 9 hours. Between these stages? a few times 10 – 15 minute breaks are given to the patient for eating and resting. After the operation? the area where your follicles are taken is bandaged. Next day? the bandage is removed. In the after operation perod? you need to take a simple painkiller and antibiotics for a few days.


5th Stage: Turning Back to Normal Life

The transplanted follicles indurate approximately within 7 days. In this period? incrustation disappears by careful washing. Your transplanted hair continues growing for 2 – 3 weeks and then starts shedding. Sometimes some of it? sometimes all of it may shed. Your follicles start growing again after a resting period of a few weeks. Real form is acquired after growing within 10 – 12 months for front area transplantations and within 12 – 15 months for top area transplantations.


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