Daily Plan in Istanbul - Clinicexpert - Hair Transplant And Plastic Surgery in Turkey
1st Day:

  • Meeting the patient at the airport in company with a private car and a guide and transfer to the hotel,
  • Resting in the hotel.

2nd Day:

  • Breakfast at the hotel
  • Performing hair analyses and hair transplantation operation by our experts in our general hospital,
  • Resting in the hotel.

3rd Day:

  • Breakfast at the hotel,
  • Checking out from the hotel and transportation to airport in company with a private car.

Note: Our free services package we provide to our patients as ClinicExpert include two days of accomodation in a 5 star hotel, breakfasts and airport and hospital transfers. Apart from these, you will be charged for your extra expenses.

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Would you like to extend the time you’ll spend in Istanbul where one of the most important tourism centers of the world with its unique historic fabric, natural beauties and precious sites visited by millions of tourists every year?

You can extend your stay, take advantage of our special car and guide opportunity or our options of tours for touristic places provided that you inform your hair transplantation consultant in advance.

Please get information from your hair transplantation consultant in order to experience an unforgettable journey in magical Istanbul.

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