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Hygiene And Successful Hair Growth

All operations performed in JCI Accredited Hospital

FUE technique depends on making micro (0,7 millimeter) cuts on the head skin and Throughout the operation head skin is very open to infections even from air. In most countries clinics perform hair transplantation in clinics that is not accredited by JCI hospitals. And it might not has enough hygienic quality. Best results of hair transplant can only be taken in hospital room with proper filtration and hygiene systems. Therefore FUE technique has the lowest risk of complications but still infection is one of the most likely risks.

ClinicExpert performs all of his operations in an extremely hygienic hospital room atmosphere with almost 0% risk of any infection. The hospital is equipped with special systems to disinfect even the air as well as all the medical equipment used in operation. Our JCI accreditation is a result of our special focusing of hospital hygiene.

ClinicExpert Offers You The Lowest Cost

4.garantiFor a Guaranteed Success

There are many countries in the world you can have hair transplantation at costs between $1.000 to $7.000.

In Turkey most clinics would ask for a price between $1.800 to $3.300. But lower price does not mean you are getting the same medical quality and higher prices does not mean that you are getting better medical quality. ClinicExpert offers a price that is in the middle of the market but provides a medical treatment and customer service that is at the top of the market.

So whether you are looking for an affordable price or a top quality treatment ClinicExpert can perfectly satisfy your needs.

We are are so confident in our technology and our medical team that we provide a written guarantee to all our patients that the transplanted hair will grow out successfully and look natural.

Do Yourself A Favour Today

5.favorDon’t wait until it is too late

Hair transplantation can not be done at every age and every person. For the operation to be successful, you must have enough healthy hair on your head that can be harvested and transplanted to the bold area.

As you wait longer years before your operation, you bold area becomes bigger and becomes harder to cover. And your healthy hair becomes less on your head and makes it even more difficulty to collect enough hair to cover your bold area. Because of these reasons, if you wait too much before doing hair transplantation, it is very hard for our doctors to give you a good density in your bold area and create very good results.

If you want to learn whether you can do hair transplantation or if it is too late for you, leave your phone number and our medical advisors will call you and give you a free consultation.

About FUE Hair Transplantation

about_fue_2FUE method of hair transplantation is simply harvesting healthy and strong hair follicles from the back side of the hair and implanting these hair follicles onto the bold section of the head. There is no cutting done on the head. Operation is done under local anesthesia without any pain.

Hair follicles are taken out from the back side of the head by a device called as micro-motor punch. This device makes micro cuts (smaller than 1 millimeter) into the skin and makes it possible to take out health hair follicles with its root.

After harvesting healthy hair follicles from the back side of the head, micro cuts (again smaller than 1 millimeter) is made to the bold area and hair follicles are planted into these holes. After transplantation the hair follicles bound with the new skin and produces healthy and strong hair in the bold area.

The transplanted hair never falls from the head area because of natural reasons. By nature, the hair follicles on our heads are not all same. Even very old people; when they loose all the hair on their head, they still have an area with hair at the back of their head. This is because, from birth, the hair at the back side of our heads are resistant to hair fall. When these hair follicles are taken and transplanted into any other part of the body, they still keep their resistance to hair fall. This is the reason why transplanted hair never falls after a successful FUE hair transplantation operation.